O Edifício-Monumento está fechado para obras de restauro e modernização

Presentation - The Museum Paulista is closed for renovation

The Museu Paulista (Paulista Museum) is a scientific, cultural and educational institution acting in the field of History, whose activities have a collection as permanent reference. The articulated set of these activities is the curatorship. It comprises the formation and increase of collections (through donations, acquisitions or field collection), their physical conservation, study and documentation, as well as the communication, both about the collection and the knowledge it allows to be generated through exhibitions, courses, educational programs and publications.

As a body of the Universidade de São Paulo (University of São Paulo), integrated to it since 1963, it conducts research, teaching and extension programs. The Master Plan of 1990 established the History of the Material Culture as the institutional specialty. In this field, it instituted three research lines: Daily Life and Society; Labour Universe; Imaginary History, and due to them Museum's collections and exhibitions have been increased and redirected.